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What is Technolojoy?

There was a time when people thought the Titanic was unsinkable…

A time when they thought Blockbuster was a hot stock…

Even a time when people thought the world was flat.

Many misbeliefs still exist today – misguiding our thoughts and holding us back from certain breakthroughs – in life and in business.

In fact, you may have one such misconception right now…

It’s the notion that IT is a cost centre; a necessary but ultimately unrewarding drain on profits (that, AND a continual source of frustration).

Sure, it can be those things… but only when mismanaged.

Mouthwash Anyone?

It’s time to rinse that bad IT taste out of your mouth.

Because the truth is, under proper management, IT isn’t a drain on your profits and patience. On the contrary…

IT is a profit-boosting vehicle that drives efficiency and eliminates frustration.

And boy… is it ever a great feeling – a certain kind of joy to experience  when your IT systems are firing on all cylinders. We call it…

Our Happy Clients

DarrenDec 11, 2023
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Our Tech superhero was awesome as he tried to solve the problem, but Nyeto ( No ) go on this issue as there is a problem with Microsoft Edge
VincentDec 8, 2023
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Our Tech Superheros commitment to getting the job done helped us to find a solution after some lengthy troubleshooting and obstacles across different OSs.
Virginia Dec 7, 2023
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I'd like to express my appreciation to our Tech Superhero for his excellent work. He not only solved the problem quickly, but also rush back after an on-site task to make our important client fax send out successfully. Thanks again!
HazeltonDec 7, 2023
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Directly addressed whether a new device might be needed once it was established that the current could no longer support the updated programs.
JaavedDec 1, 2023
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Great service, knowledgeable, recommends appropriate measures, great data collection and records management
TemmyNov 30, 2023
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Nazir fixed my print audit problem, Chrome and edge closing directly after showing up on the screen. Excellent skill! Super!!!
LindaNov 30, 2023
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Our Tech Superhero helped me with a network printer issue a couple of weeks ago and he recently helped me with my scheduled email not sending when I wasn't in the office. Both seem to be working as they should be now. Thank you!
ShirleyNov 29, 2023
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I like the idea of PODs because it allows a small group of techs to become familiar with those they serve and the systems in place. It has been difficult and sometimes downright annoying reaching TLC tech people that are not familiar with my computer or the home office set-up currently in place. So having PODs in place is a wonderful idea!


The joy that comes from leveraging IT in ways that drive efficiency and eliminate frustration.

Technolojoy empowers businesses in several ways, helping them achieve

The only problem is Technolojoy can be hard to come by!

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