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Ring Central Services

RingCentral enables you to create reliable customer experiences, provide work-from-home options, and optimize digital services.TLC Solutions has partnered with RingCentral to deliver the top cloud-based unified business communications and collaboration systems. Together, we provide more flexibility, more cost-effectiveness, and more ease of use. RingCentral has been a Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader for five years running—you’ll soon learn why.

TLC Solutions enables native integrations with hundreds of software services, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate workflows and customizations across the board.

TLC connects your business using the world’s leading cloud communications system. You can choose from four flexible plans to enable unlimited calls, team messaging, document sharing, video meetings and more—from any device, anywhere.

3CX Phone system 

The rise in remote working means businesses are looking to software to help them stay as productive as possible while their employees are in their remote at home offices, rather than the office. Cloud-based phone software and systems are one key element of this tech stack.

Among hosted phone systems, 3CX is one of the most well-known, offering great functionality and reliability across desktop and mobile devices and conventional phone handsets. But what is 3CX and can it really help your business?

3CX is an open standard, software-based phone system based on the SIP standard. It works with a range of phone hardware and also features web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. A major advantage is the software itself can be hosted on a remote server, on-premise (on a local server) or both for extra resilience.

TLC Solutions can install and manage your phone systems, meaning that your business can be connected easily and quickly. We offer the following services:

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

A private telephone system that is usually hosted at your company location, it has a number of technical and specialized features. We can help to implement it in the shortest possible time, allowing you to continue with business as usual.

RingCentral Services

TLC Solutions has partnered with RingCentral to deliver the top cloud-based unified business communications and collaboration systems. Together, we provide more flexibility, more cost-effectiveness, and more ease of use.


TLC Solutions also offers IP PBX, a phone system that switches calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share external phone lines. The standard IP PBX can also switch calls between VoIP and a traditional phone, or between two conventional phone users similar to a PBX. IP PBX has the advantage of converging data and voice networks. This means that internet access, VOIP and traditional telephone communications are all possible using a single line to each user. This flexibility means that you save money on long-term operation and maintenance costs, as like a traditional PBX, the company owns an IP PBX.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

The cloud has been growing in popularity due to the countless benefits it brings and hosting virtual phone systems is easily one of the best features. TLC Solutions will happily own, manage and maintain the expensive equipment that comes with this phone system, so your business doesn’t need to worry about capital outlay, and just enjoy using it. Your can subscribe to the TLC Solutions VoIP service and easily make calls over the internet from standard office phones, computers, or mobile devices. You can also benefit from the technical and advanced calling features similar to those offered by a PBX.

Mobile Device Management

There’s a growing trend in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work program and with this comes the threat of security. The challenge of controlling these devices – whether provided by your company or brought by an employee – also arises. As such, TLC Solutions offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) as a way for businesses to still have a level of control – through configuration of devices for company access. This promotes ease of operation and secures corporate data on smartphones and tablets – these all through a single screen.

Why Is MDM Important?

An effective MDM solution resolves several risks for employers:

Sensitive-data exposure:

MDM helps to identify devices that may contain sensitive corporate data so that the data can be properly secured.

Device theft:

If a mobile device is stolen, not only can attackers’ access sensitive data stored on it, but they could potentially use stored log-in information to gain access to the corporate network. MDM ensures that stolen devices can be quickly identified and then blocked from the network.

Malware control:

MDM helps to mitigate the risk that mobile devices will become infected with malware and then spread it to the rest of the network.


For businesses subject to specific compliance requirements, MDM enables devices to be audited for compliance. It also simplifies the resolution of compliance issues via centralized software updates and access control.

MDM Benefits

Our team of IT industry experts and partners provide your business with seamless integration and access, and enhanced security to your enterprise mobility program

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