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People Make the Difference in I.T. Services

Technology can be great but it can also be cold and impersonal. At TLC Solutions, our ability to connect with your team members and eliminate their frustrations and concerns with I.T. services is our biggest advantage.

We want to eliminate the hassle and confusion from your managed I.T. services or cybersecurity needs. If you are looking for a custom software application, we want the development process to go smoothly. Your happiness and peace of mind is the foundation for every successful I.T. client we’ve had at TLC Solutions.

Partner with us and enjoy the very best customer service in the I.T. industry.

We Deliver Technolojoy!

tech·nol·o·gy /tekˈnäləjē/

The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Most times results in frustrations and headaches.

tech·nol·o·joy /tekˈnäləjoi/


a feeling of great pleasure and happiness that comes from the application of technology to enhance your life, team, business, culture, results…

“the new ERP brought technolojoy to the team”

Is Your Relationship with IT on the Rocks?

You’re not alone if you have mixed feelings about IT.

IT can be confusing. In fact, when it comes to IT, many business leaders don’t know what they don’t know. So they can’t adequately evaluate IT expertise. This means many leaders unknowingly entrust their IT needs to those who aren’t right for the jobThese mismatches create frustration and disillusionment with IT, forcing them – in several ways – to ponder the question:

The truth is you shouldn’t have to deal with ANY of these problems while catering to the core responsibilities of your role. Not only can you forge a strong relationship with IT…
…you can actually come to love it, if you find your IT soulmate

Hassle-Free Solutions

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

At TLC Solutions, our dedicated team of experts provide the highest level of Managed IT Services to businesses of all sizes across British Columbia, Alberta, and California.

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Managed IT Services

At TLC Solutions, our dedicated team of experts provide the highest level of Managed IT Services to businesses of all sizes across British Columbia, Alberta, and California.

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Managed IT Services

At TLC Solutions, our dedicated team of experts provide the highest level of Managed IT Services to businesses of all sizes across British Columbia, Alberta, and California.

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Adopting a cybersecurity awareness training program will ensure employees are familiar with compliance policies and understand how to handle sensitive data and information, adding another layer of security to your business and aiding your compliance efforts.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

Effective IT communications equip staff to work most productively. Proactive messaging before, during and after IT incidents keep staff informed, minimize frustration, and enhance the reputation of the IT team.

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Enterprise Software

Custom Applications

At TLC Solutions we have a dedicated software development team that designs custom applications that are tailored to your businesses needs, and can be created to run on any type of platform, such as a desktop computer, mobile device, or the web. Custom applications can be used to automate business processes, provide data visualization, or facilitate communication.

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Act now to protect your business from cybersecurity threats!

Request a free cybersecurity assessment from our experts today to ensure your business remains secure and protected against the ever-evolving cyber security landscape.

You DON’T Have to Become an IT Expert

…not if you get hitched to the right IT partner!

See, as a true IT partner, we’re only successful if you are. The way we see it, half-measures and poor IT setups create problems for everyone. Our team can’t succeed, frankly, if we’re pouring our time & energy into issues that could have been prevented (or minimized) in the first place.

That’s why our focus is on TOTAL solutions; complete & comprehensive – not piecemeal & problematic.

This holistic approach is one thing that sets us apart from other IT firms, and makes us confident we’ll become the apple of your IT in no time.

Here are some ways you’ll feel the love:

Rapid Response

Connect with a real, live member of our team within minutes – not hours or days – so your inquiries and requests are actioned right away.

No Technobabble B.S.

We keep the unnecessary tech jargon to ourselves, and communicate in terms anyone can understand. So you’re never left scratching your head or unsure about anything we propose, discuss, or execute.

Problem-Free Peace of Mind

Focus on your responsibilities and goals without diverting any of your time and attention. We take full ownership of everything IT, so you don’t have to. Solutions… not problems.

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Journey to Become a Category of One

A Love Story for the Ages...

TLC Solutions started taking shape long before opening its doors in 1999. With offices located across British Columbia, Alberta, and California, TLC Solutions is rapidly growing throughout Western Canada and the United States. We offer a wide range of IT services, from Managed IT support and Strategic and Technical Consulting to implementation of enterprise-class solutions. Our clients include businesses, both large and small, from across many sectors. With TLC, our dedicated team of network and computer experts solve any IT issue that may arise. Our Purpose is to help people love technology.

Get IT Done the Right Way

Book a No-Obligation Discovery Session

Uncover any cracks in your IT structure that may be holding your business back.

Follow Our Lead

Let us sherpa you down the appropriate path as laid out in our post-session action plan, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident the whole way through.

Experience Technolojoy!

Enjoy long-term efficiencies and stress-free IT support that will make you smile

We are pleased to announce the launch of Technolojoy4Kids, a new program aimed at introducing kids to the world of technology. Driven by our vision of delivering technolojoy, we are committed to using our skills and resources to enable our team and clients to support kids in need.For more information about Technolojoy 4 Kids and to learn how to get involved, click here.


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