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The TLC Solutions business philosophy is the major determining factor in how our business works out as it is the set of the sail. The winds of circumstance blow on us all and yet we don’t all arrive in the same destination. Our destination is technolojoy, category of one, and business success, and our business philosophy is how we will get there.

Each part of our business philosophy works to give clarity, support, and purpose for the desired results in the subsequent stage. At the same time, each stage of the business philosophy feeds all other stages with feedback from results. If we’re not getting the desired results in any area of the business, then we first look to the business philosophy and use it to guide us to the root cause.

For example, if we aren’t getting the client satisfaction results we want, then we first connect with the team and ask for feedback related to our culture of service excellence and how the team is doing. From there and with the feedback received, we look to our processes and systems: has something changed with the CSAT reporting system? Do we have many new team members who need more training on how the system works? Is it time to look at a new CSAT process? If the root isn’t in systems and processes we look to our Service & Support strategy: is the strategy understood by the whole team? Does everyone know how they can affect the strategy? Lastly, we look to True North to determine if we’re truly living our values, if we’re out of alignment on delivering technolojoy, or if the mission needs more clarity.

The TLC Solutions leadership team is constantly using the business philosophy to align results to how the business works.


This is our “WHY?”, our vision, mission and values. It all starts here. Clarity in true north is the foundation for clarity across the business. Without clarity here, the business and people are left to wonder what we’re doing all this work for. How we make our decisions at TLC Solutions is aligned with the True North.


This is our “HOW?”, How were going to get to our mission and vision. Once we determine our “HOW?”. We are enabled to set high-level business goals to stretch the company and grow.


This is our “WHAT?”, What is the tangible work we all do that produces business results? We believe that clarity in our systems and processes is a major driver in culture. People need to have clarity on the work they do and how their work fits in to the bigger picture, across teams. This way the entire team works to eliminate waste from our systems and processes


At TLC Solutions, we recognize that culture is not perks or benefits. Rather, it is the product of how well we live this business philosophy. A strong and positive culture produces strong and positive business results. To ensure we have the culture we want, our leadership continuously ensures our systems and processes are clear, our strategies are sound, and we’re in alignment to our True North.


There are two types of results, the ones we want and the ones we learn from. Mistakes and problems are embraced as opportunities to improve, not as things to fear or hide. We set goals that push us to be better and work to shrink or eliminate the gap between current results and desired results.


The TLC Solutions way is always at work, it never ends, thus is continuous. The spirit of continuous improvement, at the core of our business philosophy, challenges us to always be innovating and improving the business by strong understanding of this business philosophy and how our business is working in any moment. We change the set of sail wherever and whenever needed to adjust to the winds of circumstance. Everyone at TLC is responsible for helping to make the company better and finding new ways. At the same time, we know that everyone comes to work to do a good job, and we treat them as such.


The fuel for our business philosophy is to build fun into the business, create psychological safety, inclusion, and a high-performance team. We encourage our team to be idea collectors and encourage experimentation.