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Training Awareness

Adopting a cybersecurity awareness training program will ensure employees are familiar with compliance policies and understand how to handle sensitive data and information, adding another layer of security to your business and aiding your compliance efforts.

Cybersecurity has been an important part of technology discussions for many years. The changes that were brought about by the pandemic such as where people work and the tools, they use not only helped businesses operating but also helped accelerate the number of attacks and the sophistication of cybercriminals.

Protecting your business against cybercriminals is essential and needs to be a priority for every SMB and a key component is cybersecurity awareness and training your employees.

Why Partner with TLC Solutions?

When you outsource your IT Management to TLC Solutions, you’re doing more than ensuring rock solid performance for all of your IT Systems; you’re also making a solid investment that will deliver great, long-term rewards

Our list of clientele includes businesses of all sizes from diverse backgrounds such as mining, energy, First Nations, construction, retail, hospitality, and financial services.

You can enjoy the confidence and assurance that your IT Systems are in the most capable hands. As well as managing your network, we will partner with you in developing a strategy that aligns with your business objectives, and be right by your side to give you IT advice and guidance.

Our team’s expertise comes from their vast experience in simplifying IT networks to minimize technological and organizational challenges, resulting in freed up resources and lower operating costs for our customers.

With us as your MSP partner, your business has access to top-notch technology experts, certified skills, hardware, and software. This guarantees that you get the most out of your Managed IT.

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