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Fibre Optics Solutions

As you explore high-speed internet options for your business, you may see fiber optic internet as an option. Fiber optic internet is a type of connection that uses specialty cables to deliver internet service from the provider to your business. It is widely regarded as one of the fastest internet options available, providing speeds faster than what other internet networks can handle. Fiber optics are the best choice for businesses requiring long distance cabling and high bandwidths, as it is dependable and can support future growth.

Microwave transmission

No cable transmission? No problem. An easy solution is at hand with microwave transmission.

As part of our communications services, we offer a vast range of transmission systems. One of these is microwave transmission, which is ideal for companies with a presence in rural regions. This offers a reliable solution for remote monitoring and management. 

With microwave communications, the data is sent wirelessly. This offers an excellent alternative to installing physical transmission lines in remote or rural mountainous regions, which can be an expensive technical challenge. With microwave technology, TLC Solutions can help your business focus on uninterrupted operation and cost-effective communications. 

Advantages of Microwave transmission include, it eliminates the need for cabling in between sites, keeping costs down. A wide bandwidth offers reliable lines of communication and transmission through multi channels offers a lot of flexibility.

Remote Camp Communications

Multiple organizations rely on fast and stable Internet to maintain business continuity, along with increased workplace morale throughout the camp. In most cases, these camps are in very remote locations that do not have access to a cellular or broadband network and must use satellite. The challenges associated with satellite is limited bandwidth and excessive costs associated with increased data usage. 

At TLC Solutions, we can provide a broad range of communications services that can be personalized in way to suit your business, especially when it comes to remote camp communications. We are an established, preeminent communications provider for resource-based businesses in the most isolated locations of Western Canada and the United States. 

We have rich experience with planning, logistics and implementation, including portable satellite phones for critical emergencies and data connectivity. We can offer the most efficient solutions for your remote camp operation, including

Satellite TV, Internet, and services

Make a more reliable connection with satellite services system for your business. TLC Solutions offers total communication, and this includes designing and integrating high quality satellite services systems. Our advanced earth stations and expertise enable a huge range of transmission, providing the utmost connectivity of your business even to your most isolated locations in Western North America.

What are the advantages of satellite communications?

Remote camp solutions

Clear and reliable connectivity on remote sites means increased productivity and safety in the field TLC Solutions can set up your remote camp locations with simple, fast access to complete communication services, including, television, two-way radios, internet and related IT services and network management. We can fully manage these to ensure that your business has the accessibility, connectivity, and continuity it needs.

Our Remote Camp Solutions

Optik TV

Our partnership with Telus has your entertainment needs covered, with your field employees able to access almost 120 hd channels

Fibre optic internet

Broadband data connectivity gives you high speeds and secure connections


Voice Over Internet Protocol for better long-distance communication

Secure email accounts

Safe, reliable and spam-free email accounts for all desktops and devices on the field means effective communication with head office

24/7 support

On-demand technical support whenever you need it

Wired and Wireless Networks (WAN, LAN, WLAN)

A cost-effective solution to connect desktops, laptops and other devices to your business’ network out in the field

Camp IT Services and Managed IT Services

Consulting, set up and maintenance for IT projects implementation & technology management

Cellular and phone system communications

Your enterprise can benefit from mobile towers, cellular repeaters, phones and modems

Satellite TV and communications

IP connectivity for TV, data and voice

Server network and design support

Tailored to your business needs in the field

Wireless hotspots

High-speed wi-fi for all in each camp

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