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As an IT Manager, it’s difficult at times to manage day-to-day operations and keep up with the changes in technology. I’ve been active in IT for 20+ years and I’m impressed by their knowledge and expertise. With TLC’s help, I’m able to talk to them about where my problems are and they’ll come back to me with different options on how to resolve those issues. When it comes to new technology, they’ve been helpful in explaining how it works as well as differentiating between the multiple vendors that sell the same technology so I can find the right fit for our company.

Their recommendations have allowed us to operate smarter by reducing the amount of time we spend on configuring and updating workstations, programs, and setting up staff. When it comes to IT support, we’ve had excellent response times and they’ve made themselves available through so many channels including email, phone and instant messaging (LYNC). It’s as if they were onsite 24/7. Before, where we had one systems administrator/engineer to rely upon, we now have an entire company of systems administrators and engineers at our disposal. Overall, our experience with TLC has been overwhelmingly positive, and I would highly recommend their services.