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Looking back at the last two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, remote working has played a crucial part in ensuring continuous business operations with minimal interruptions. Many organizations adopted either fully remote or hybrid working models due to the impact of lockdowns and movement restrictions. This increased demand for IT services to help organizations find solutions for technical hitches during this time, such as managed services. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how most businesses use, shifting from an in-person working environment to remote working. Managed Service Providers have played a significant role in ensuring seamless operations and business continuity. According to a remote work survey report by PwC U.S, over 80% of businesses have experienced a successful and productive remote work model thanks to the rapid evolution and adoption of remote-working technologies.

Managed Services Support Remote Working

Businesses without suitable technology to support remote working may face poor communications, unhappy and unproductive employees, and internet security threats. Either in whole or in part, remote work is here to stay, and as a business owner or company executive, you should consider strategies to allow practical remote work. Communicating and collaborating with employees in various locations can be complex. Working with a Managed Services Provider like TLC Solutions will ensure that you have the right tools, resources, and technologies to support your IT infrastructure.

What Services Can a Managed Service Provider Offer to Support a Remote Workforce?

#1. Cloud support

To support your remote work plans, managed service providers can offer cloud computing services, including software and cloud storage. You can store your businesses’ critical information on a remote system through our managed cloud services instead of keeping it on local storage devices.

#2. IT security

IT security is fundamental to securing your employees’ and customers’ information. Due to the many vulnerabilities in the network systems used in a remote working model, cybercriminals have devised new ways to invade their targets and steal valuable information. This may lead to costly data breaches and recovery. MSPs (Managed Services Provider) can help to ensure that you have proper cyber security strategies and solutions to protect your remote worker’s data and system. We can help you block any loopholes between your remote workers’ system and your organization’s system to keep your data safe from unauthorized access.

#3. IT help desk

Staff working in a remote setup may meet technical problems from time to time, and it may be challenging to fix them. TLC Solutions supply 365/24/7 access to an IT Helpdesk to ensure that all your remote workers’ IT issues are fixed quickly. Your staff can chat, email, or call our IT help desk and discuss the technical issue, and we will get a solution within the shortest time possible.

#4. Data backup

Data loss and corrupted files can affect remote workers just the same as anyone working in the office. It is essential to have vital data backup plans that cover all your users in case of unexpected data loss. MSPs supply priced data backup services to store all your data safely. They can use cloud, hybrid, or local backups to store all your critical data securely. We can also help you in creating a customized data recovery plan and ensuring minimal downtime.

#5. Engage with a Managed Services IT team

As organizations move toward a fully remote working model, there will be technical challenges to tackle. Sometimes, technical issues can overwhelm your in-house team. TLC Solutions can collaborate with you to support your technology team.

#6. Network monitoring

The people working remotely need a secure way to connect to their organization’s network system. As an MSP (Managed Services Provider), we have the necessary remote monitoring tools and knowledge to defend against cybercriminals accessing confidential information in the system.

#7. Unified communications

Communication in a remote setup can be complex at times. We have a long history of designing, implementing, and supporting collaborative communications. This allows your team members to communicate and interact seamlessly.

Support Your Remote Work with TLC Solutions Managed Services

After the rapid digital transformation of the past two years, it does not look like the new remote reality is going away anytime soon. Most companies have successfully onboard new software tools. In addition, employees have proven that they are more productive when they work remotely. Employees also have fewer sick days and take less time off. At the same time, some enterprises are not yet prepared and equipped to embrace a long-lasting remote work model. As a result, hybrid work models will remain an essential piece of the future of work. This means that some staff will report to work in an office in person while others will work remotely.

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