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Are you considering moving your business operations to the cloud? If you are, this post is the right place for you! We have all your answers to your concerns about cloud migration.

Cloud computing has been in existence in different forms for about the last two decades, most obviously in products like Microsoft’s Exchange Online platform which moved email from the traditional, in-house maintained server platform to cloud-based infrastructure managed by Microsoft.

Research by IDG shows that approximately 70% of businesses are currently running in the cloud in different ways, while approximately 20% are still planning to adopt cloud technology.

Another report by Dell shows that organizations that have adopted data and security in the cloud enjoy over 50% quicker revenue growth than their competitors.

These businesses and organizations are experiencing effective operations to increase their productivity, serve their clients better, and boost their profit levels.

Migrating your business to the cloud can supply many opportunities to enhance your day-to-day operations and business processes.

In this blog, we have prepared all the information you need to know about migrating to the cloud and why it is possible for your business.

Cloud Migration – What Is It?

Cloud migration involves moving some or all of your business’s services, databases, assets, and applications to the cloud infrastructure. It can also involve moving from one cloud platform to another.

Migrating to the cloud makes it possible to reduce your investment in computing hardware. However, to ensure the success of a migration, it is important to work with a specialist like TLC Solutions to ensure that you are moving to the correct platform to support your business goals.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting a Cloud Infrastructure?

Moving your business to the cloud offers a variety of benefits, which can ultimately make your team more productive and your company more profitable. Here are some of the benefits of migrating your business to the cloud.

Data Security: Moving your business to the clouds can significantly help your company execute operational and reliable disaster recovery solutions. The tools, products, and services provided by cloud services providers can seamlessly safeguard all your systems and data in ways that are suitable for adopting a suitable disaster recovery plan for your business.

Flexibility: Many companies have varying demands that can fluctuate from time to time. Moving your business to the cloud gives you the freedom to upscale or downscale your bandwidth depending on your needs.

Having high flexibility levels can give your business an added benefit over your competitors as you can bring your services or products to market quicker without being constrained by IT.

Enhanced team collaboration: A business with more than two employees should make staff collaboration an essential requirement. Your employees should work as an effective team, and cloud infrastructure will enhance teamwork. Your employees can view data from the platform and share it effortlessly and securely.

Reduced costs on hardware purchase and maintenance: Hardware and software maintenance can eat up a significant percentage of your business profits.

With cloud technology, the demand for some on-site hardware like servers will reduce significantly. This will allow you to save money on hardware purchases that are no longer needed in your business. Most cloud services are provided on a pay-as-you-go subscription model, which means you will only pay for the services or products in use.

Is Moving to The Cloud Feasible for Your Business?

Cloud migration needs proper strategies to achieve your expected benefits. A failed cloud migration can result in reduced productivity and increased expenses.

Below are three essential questions by our cloud experts to consider before migrating your business to the cloud:

What are you moving?

Why are you moving?

How are you going to move?

For a successful migration, you need to work with a cloud-solutions partner to figure out the whole migration process and develop a well laid-out strategy.

First, you need a good internet connection to support your cloud operations. If your internet is functioning on low bandwidth, your system may experience slow responses, adversely affecting your business productivity.

Partner With our Cloud Experts

You need to work with cloud experts like TLC Solutions to help you craft a customized solution to your internet bandwidth to cope with your cloud operations demand.

It would be best to involve an IT cloud professional to carry out an entire IT audit and develop a migration process that perfectly suits your business. You can partner with us to ensure that your system meets the exact business needs.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that your system security in the cloud is quite different from on-site security. Our cloud experts will work with you to decide proper storage locations, data transit strategies and auditing requirements.

 Cloud migration can significantly change your entire IT setup, including the employees. The cloud process may seem very simple, but your staff will need added training to get the best out of the new infrastructure.

Collaborating with cloud experts will give you several cloud-based solutions to ensure that you make a perfect choice for your business.

 Your current IT setup may come with a certain level of support and maintenance, which you are comfortable with and suitably budgeted for. Understanding how any migration might alter your business is crucial in any feasibility study before you make any move.

Do You Want to Migrate Your Business to The Cloud Infrastructure?

Regardless of the many benefits associated with migration, it may not be the perfect option for every business. Moving your entire company to the cloud may not be an effective solution for some tasks.

You need to perform thorough research to get some level of insight into some of the factors that may affect your business.

TLC Solutions cloud experts can work with your teams to thoroughly analyze your business requirements and expectations. We will make sure that your migration fits your business needs, it’s secure, and the moving process will have minimal.

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