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Do you know the most common IT security mistakes to avoid? Take a moment and reflect on how the world operated a decade ago. Can you remember what things looked like?

If you happen to be like most of us, flip phones were the order of the day; almost every home and office had a landline phone, we would watch movies on DVDs, and people were using paper street maps to locate offices or even homes.

We feel weird about everything as we reflect on how the world operated then. This is because technology has changed how the current world works—it has touched and transformed our lives for the good.

Our modes of communication have changed, our way of travel and entertainment has changed, and even the way we carry out our routine tasks is different. Whether small or big, almost every business has digitized, making operations faster and more efficient.

However, good things also come with their own risks or threats.

Almost everyone today owns multiple electronic devices to enable them to adopt the modern tech-driven world. These devices can have vulnerabilities making them an easy target to malicious people who can easily exploit their targets.

This blog by our IT team will take you through the most common IT security mistakes to avoid to ensure that your computing devices and systems are safe.

It Won’t Happen To Me:

A cyber-attack can happen to anyone, notwithstanding the size or location of your business. Cyber-criminals work around the clock looking for any susceptible system to launch their attacks.

You should always have a backup plan to protect and recover your data.

Weak Login Credentials:

Setting up a standard password for all your user accounts sounds convenient. However, this presents a significant risk to you or your IT department. It is convenient for hackers. If someone gets hold of your standard password, they can use it to access all your accounts and systems, which may result in severe damage.

Lack of Regular or Timely System Updates

You must ensure that any system updates are installed on time to safeguard from vulnerabilities. Updating your antivirus, OS, browsers, servers, etc., regularly will improve your system’s functionalities and defend it from security threats that might interfere with your data and other sensitive folders.

Not recognizing internal risks

Did you know that your actions could be a gateway to cyber-security threats? Here is how—If you or your employees are unaware of the IT security basics, you can easily fall prey to cyber-attacks.

A single click of a phishing email, downloading unverified free software from the internet, opening a malicious website, or downloading infected files can result in a disaster. Connecting your devices to public Wi-Fi or non-trustworthy devices can also be a gateway for cyber-attacks.

Failure to Invest in Cybersecurity

Many businesses have become victims of cyber-criminals due to a lack of appropriate cybersecurity strategies. Investing in cyber security processes to safeguard your business from possible attacks is vital in the modern technical world. You need to invest in security software and monitoring devices and cyber security experts to avoid incurring massive losses due to data loss and downtime.

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